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Wigs and hair extensions have always been a staple for women when it comes to hair loss.

We take it one step further... customizing your choice of wig with a better fit, cut or trim, and style. Along with a custom wig fitting, receive our complimentary salon services in a private and serene space.

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It was amazing. Ms. Venita included my children in my hair cut process and helped them to go from uncomfortable to ready to help cut, take pictures, and helped with my wig selection.  I am overjoyed at how well the children responded and became more accepting of my condition.  This is all thanks to Ms. Venita.  Her awesome spirit was so loving and the way she explained everything on their level was wonderful.  Me and my family were truly blessed by this experience. ~ Desiree
Our complimentary services include

Free Wigs...

with fitting, cut & trim, and style

Salon Services...

shampoo, scalp treatments, shave it off

Makeup techniques and application (your own cosmetics)

Accessories for Purchase...

scarves, hats, wraps, turbans, skull caps & more

Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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