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Beyond Breast Cancer
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Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer, a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in 2013 by Venita Graves, a Houston renowned hairstylist, salon owner, and proud breast cancer survivor since 2003.


BBBC was launched in an effort to meet a need in our community to provide free wigs and salon services to women who have lost their hair due to various cancer fighting treatments. As our organization thrives, it is our intent and purpose to branch outside of the city of Houston and assist women all over the world!


The flagship program of BBBC is our on-going Wig Drive which allows us to receive wig donations from all around the city. Those donations are then given to cancer centers and patients in and around the city of Houston and throughout the United States of America.

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Venita's Story

Losing my hair to chemotherapy was devastating. Though the cancer hospital had an awesome beauty/barber salon with complimentary wigs and salon services available to all…finding wigs that were beautiful AND made for me, a woman of color, was very trying.  That experience showed me the need for a place where women of all colors can receive beautiful wigs with a variety of cuts, shapes, and styles.  After my treatment was over, I volunteered at MD Anderson hospital and that's when I realized I wanted to start a nonprofit. Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer was born.

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The Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer Board

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Venita Graves


Phonisha Hawkins


Lynn Jackson Bell


Sherrill Baines


Dr. Alice Millsap
Lady Oliver
Erika Smith
Tonja Thompson
Latosha Baker
Jeanell Clophus
Rhea Daniel Dear
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