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Our mission is simple

To provide a private and serene atmosphere where women can come to select a free wig, receive complementary salon services, and learn makeup application all while surviving through the effects of cancer treatments. A woman's hair is her crown and glory and too many times, cancer strips that away. We want to make sure every woman enduring treatments has a hairstyle she can feel confident wearing and with your donations, we can make that happen!

Prayerfully consider donating to Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer.  

As our organization continues to flourish, please know that your contribution contributes to the fabric of who we are! Support our mission in one of two ways...

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be setup as a one-time or a monthly recurring donation. Any and all donations made to BBBC will be used to further our mission to provide wigs free of charge to women who have lost their hair due to cancer fighting treatments. Any donation you make to our cause is tax deductible. Within 24 hours of your donation, we will email you a receipt of your donation for your records.

Wig Donations

Wig donations are ongoing  throughout the year. All wigs we provide to our ladies must be new wigs... because of the sensitivity of the patient's scalps we do not accept used wigs. Donated wigs may be mailed or dropped off.  Please give us a call and we can assist you on what to look for with textures,  styles,  cut,  colors, lengths and wig stores that we network with.

BB Breast Cancer, Corporation is recognized by the State of Texas and the IRS as a non-profit organization.

We deeply appreciate being able to move forward with our vision.

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